a list of projects

11/20 Sleuth, an open source tool for reading Slack logs

originally built by Felix for reading desktop logs, but then I learned typescript and added mobile log support.
then Felix left and I kind of took over? I've run several releases, created a FAQ, have a roadmap and stuff.
it's an electron app and I use react and lots of regex to make it run.

9/20 Loot roller, a custom diceroll bot for a tabletop rpg campaign

built at first as a CLI app with node.js, then ported as a discord bot.
the loot logic in this campaign was pretty complicated, so this bot saved us literal hours of loot rolling.

5/20 Holistic weather, a forecast app for random cities

built in react as more of a virtual newspaper art project than a functional app.
if you want to get pretentious about it: it lets you travel the world in a uniquely immersive way.
I don't think it works on mobile, sorry :(

5/20 Pacecar & pacecar builder, an unfinished choose-your-own-adventure racing game

both made with javascript. the builder takes the script for a page, and generates code that I can paste into the Pacecar app.
the game would have been neat if I finished it, but it turns out I was more interested in coding it than writing a narrative.
(you don't get to see the code because it's gross.)

5/20 Snek, a basic snake game

written in HTML. has a power-up/debuff mechanic for extra funsies.

5/20 Oh no, for when you feel like spiraling

the first project that I wasn't told to make. made with HTML and CSS.